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Sam's Arizona Grocery Ad Roundup Friday 4/20 through Tuesday 4/24

he major part this comparison list contains advertised content from Albertsons, Bashas, Fry’s, Los Altos, Sprouts, Food City, El Super, and Safeway with occasional items from other chains. Sprouts ads do not end on Tuesday but both start and end on Wednesdays. Digital downloadable store coupons are not included here, quantities may be limited at a certain price, and prices may require a shopper’s loyalty card at the particular store. Prices can vary between branches of the same chain. "WYB4" means "when you buy four" (for instance), and it might apply to an entire category of groceries; also called mi-and-match. Finally, some prices may be a portion of a minim,um purchase, such as hamburger priced by the pound but available as a three pound chub.

For grocery ads organized by store check Sun Sounds for Spanish language grocery ads at 11:30 a.m. Wednesday and ads in English at Noon.


Feet $1.29 El Super
Flap Meat Boneless $5.97 Sat Sun only El Super
Liver $1.29 El Super
Roast Bottom Round Boneless $2.47 Albertson’s, $2.97 Safeway, $2.47 Fri Sat Sun only Bashas
Roast Chuck Bone In $2.47 Albertson’s, $2.97 El Super
Roast Chuck Boneless $3.99 El Super, $4.99 Albertson’s, $4.99 Safeway
Roast Cross Rib Boneless $2.97 Safeway, $4.99 Albertson’s
Roast Eye of Round Boneless $2.47 Albertson’s, $2.97 Safeway
Roast Rump $2.67 Sprouts
Roast Tip Boneless $4.99 Albertson’s, $2.97 Safeway
Roast Top Round Boneless $2.97 Food City
Roast Tri Tip Boneless $4.99 Albertson’s
Roast Tri Tip Trimmed Boneless $4.99 Safeway
Shank Center Cut Bone-In $2.79 El Super
Shank Whole $1.99 El Super
Shredding Meat Boneless $3.49 El Super
Steak Bottom Round Boneless $2.97 Safeway
Steak Breakfast Boneless $3.49 El Super
Steak Chuck Bone-In $2.97 El Super
Steak Chuck Boneless $3.99 El Super, $4.99 Albertson’s, $4.99 Safeway
Steak Cross Rib Boneless $2.97 Safeway, $4.99 Albertson’s
Steak Cube Boneless $3.99 Albertson’s, $4.99 Safeway
Steak Eye of Round Boneless $2.97 Safeway
Steak New York Strip Boneless Open Nature $9.99 Safeway
Steak Ribeye Bone-in $7.99 Albertson’s, $7.99 Safeway
Steak Ribeye Boneless $12.99 Sprouts
Steak Sirloin Tip Boneless $2.89 El Super, $4.99 Albertson’s
Steak Strip Bone-in $7.99 Albertson’s
Steak T-bone Bone-in $7.99 Albertson’s, $7.99 Safeway, $5.99 Food City
Steak Tip Boneless $2.97 Safeway
Steak Top Round Boneless $2.97 Food City
Steak Top Sirloin Boneless $3.77 Bashas, $5 Safeway, $5.99 Albertson’s
Steak Tri Tip Boneless $4.99 Albertson’s, $4.99 Safeway
Stew Meat Boneless $4.99 Sprouts, $3.99 Albertson’s, $4.99 Safeway
Stir Fry For Tacos Boneless $2.89 El Super
Tenderloin $6.77 Bashas
Tripe $1.99 El Super


Breasts Boneless $1.99 Albertson’s, $1.99 El Super, $1.99 Safeway
Breasts Boneless Open Nature $3.99 Albertson’s
Breasts Boneless Organic $6.99 Sprouts
Breasts Split Bone-in 87¢ Safeway
Breasts Split Bone-in O Organics $3.99 Safeway
Breasts Thin Cut Boneless $2.99 El Super
Drumsticks Bone-in 79¢ El Super, 99¢ Food City, 87¢ Safeway
Leg Meat Boneless 97¢ Food City, $1.29 El Super
Leg Quarters Bone-in 87¢ Safeway
Pollo Asado $3.99 Sprouts
Tenders Organic $6.99 Sprouts
Thighs Bone-in 79¢ El Super, 99¢ Food City, 87¢ Safeway
Thighs Boneless $1.99 Albertson’s, $1.99 Safeway
Thighs Boneless Organic $6.99 Sprouts
Whole 99¢ Bashas


Chops Assorted Loin Bone-in $1.99 Albertson’s, $1.99 Safeway
Chops Center Cut Loin Bone-In $2.29 El Super, $2.49 Safeway
Chops Loin Boneless $2.99 Albertson’s
Chops Sirloin Cut Bone-In 97¢ Food City
Chops Sirloin Cut Boneless $1.69 Bashas
Leg Boneless Whole $1.49 El Super
Leg Half or Whole Bone-in 99¢ El Super
Rib Strips Bone-In $2.89 El Super
Ribs Country Style $1.29 Food City, $1.69 Bashas
Ribs Flanken Bone-In $2.89 El Super, $3.99 El Super
Ribs Loin Back $1.97 Albertson’s
Ribs Shoulder Country Style Bone-in $1.99 Safeway, $1.99 Albertson’s
Ribs Spareribs Bone-In Whole $1.79 Sat Sun only El Super
Ribs Spareribs St Louis Bone-in $1.99 Albertson’s
Ribs Spareribs St Louis Open Nature $3.99 Safeway
Ribs Spareribs St Louis $4.49 Sprouts
Roast Loin Boneless $1.89 El Super
Roast Shoulder Blade Bone-in 99¢ with in-ad coupon Albertson’s
Roast Shoulder Boneless Open Nature $3.99 Safeway
Steak Bone-in $1.99 Safeway
Stew Meat Boneless $1.29 El Super


Catfish Fillets $6.99 Albertson’s
Catfish Nuggets $1.39 Food City, $1.59 El Super
Catfish Whole Large $2.99 El Super
Cod Filets $7.99 Sprouts, $6.99 Bashas, $7.99 Safeway
Halibut Alaskan 5 ounce portions $6.99 each Safeway
Halibut Alaskan Fillets $15.99 Albertson’s
Pollock Fillets $1.79 Food City
Rockfish Fillets $6.99 Albertson’s
Salmon Atlantic Fillet $7.99 Albertson’s, $7.99 Safeway, $7.99 El Super
Salmon Sockeye Fillets $8.99 Safeway
Sea Bass Fillets $8.99 Albertson’s
Sole Fillets $2.99 Bashas
Swai Fillets $3.99 Albertson’s
Swordfish $7.99 Sprouts
Tilapia Fillet $2.49 El Super, $3.99 Albertson’s
Trout Steelhead Fillets $6.99 Bashas
Tuna Ahi Fillets $8.99 Albertson’s, $7.99 Sprouts


Crab Flakes Imitation $1.69 El Super
Crab Meat Imitation $1.79 Food City
Lobster Tails $5.99 each Safeway
Shrimp Cooked 26 to 30 Count $10.39 Sprouts
Shrimp Cooked 41 to 50 Count $9.59 Sprouts
Shrimp Raw 13 to 15 Count Ez Peel $6.99 Sprouts, $6.99 Safeway
Shrimp Raw 16 to 20 count Headless $6.99 El Super
Shrimp Raw 26 to 30 Count $8.40 Sprouts
Shrimp Raw 26 to 30 count Headless $5.97 El Super
Shrimp Raw 31 to 40 count Peeled & Deveined $4.99 Albertson’s
Shrimp Raw 36 to 40 count Headless $4.97 Sat Sun only El Super
Shrimp Raw 51 to 60 count Headless $4.79 El Super
Shrimp Raw 60 to 70 count Head-On $4.49 El Super



Ground Beef 73% $1.97 pound Fri Sat Sun only Food City
Ground Beef 80% $1.97 pound Safeway
Ground Beef 90% $4.59 pound El Super
Ground Beef 93% $2.97 pound Albertson’s
Ground Beef Grass Fed $3.99 pound Sprouts
Ground Beef Patties 80% 88¢ each or $3.52 pound Albertson’s
Ground Bison Bear Mountain $9.99 pound Sprouts
Ground Round $2.47 pound Bashas
Ground Turkey $4.99 pound Sprouts


Almond Milk 48 ounces Califia Farms $3.79 ea Sprouts
Almond Milk half gallon Silk $2.99 ea Sprouts
Almond Milk half gallon O Organics $3.49 each Albertson’s, $3.49 each Safeway
Almond-Milk half gallon Organic Sprouts $2.99 ea Sprouts
Butter 1 pound Challenge $3.99 Albertson’s
Butter 16 OZ Organic Valley $5.99 ea Sprouts
Butter 8 OZ Kerrygold $3.99 ea Sprouts
Butter Challenge $3.99 pound Safeway
Eggs Brown Cage Free Open Nature $3 dozen Safeway
Eggs Large 18 count or Butter Lucerne $2.49 each Safeway
Eggs Large Brown Egglands Best 2 for $5 dozen Sprouts
Eggs Medium $2.99 20 count El Super
Milk 48 ounce Ripple $3.99 Albertson’s
Milk 48 ounce Ripple $3.99 Albertson’s
Milk 48 ounce Ripple $3.99 Safeway
Milk 52 ounce Fairlife $3.49 each Albertson’s
Milk 52 ounce Fairlife $3.49 each Safeway
Milk Gallon $1.99 Bashas, $1.99 Safeway


Bacon 12 ounce Smithfield $2.99 each Albertson’s
Bacon 12 ounce Uncured Applewood Open Nature %5.49 each Safeway
Bacon 12 to 16 ounce Hormel $5 ea Safeway
Bacon Bulk $4.99 pound Albertson’s
Bacon Hormel $3.99 Bashas
Bacon John Morrell $2.99 Food City
Bacon Bulk $3.99 pound Bashas


Cornish Game Hens 40 ounce twin pack frozen Tyson $5.99 Safeway


Apples Autumn Glory $1.48 pound Sprouts
Apples Fuji 3 pound Bag Organic $2.98 ea Sprouts
Apples Fuji 99¢ pound Bashas
Apples Fuji Organic $1.99 pound Safeway
Apples Gala 3 pound Bag Organic $2.98 ea Sprouts
Apples Gala 99¢ pound Bashas
Apples Gala Organic $1.99 pound Safeway
Apples Granny Smith 3 pound Bag Organic $2.98 ea Sprouts
Apples Granny Smith 50¢ pound El Super
Apples Opal 98¢ pound Sprouts
Apples Pink Lady 98¢ pound Sprouts
Apples RubyFrost $1.99 pound Albertson’s
Artichokes Organic $2.99 Each Natural Grocers
Asparagus 88¢ pound Bashas, 77¢ pound Safeway
Asparagus Organic $2.99 Pound Natural Grocers
Avocados Large 75¢ each Fri Sat Sun only Bashas
Avocados Organic 98¢ each Sprouts, 99¢ Bashas
Beets Red Gold or Rainbow Organic $1.99 bunch Safeway
Blackberries $1.67 each Safeway
Blackberries Organic $3.99 each Albertson’s, 2 for $5 Sprouts
Blueberries $3 Safeway, $1.50 El Super
Blueberries Organic $3.99 each Albertson’s
Cactus Leaves 33¢ pound El Super
Carrots Baby Peeled O Organics $1.99 each Albertson’s
Carrots Loose 33¢ pound El Super
Carrots Organic $1.49 Bunch Natural Grocers
Carrots Red Organic $1.49 Bunch Natural Grocers
Cauliflower 98¢ pound Sprouts
Celery 99¢ each Bashas, 99¢ each Albertson’s
Cilantro 50¢ each Safeway
Corn 10¢ each Sprouts, 33¢ each El Super
Corn Trimmed 4 pack $3 Albertson’s
Cucumbers 33¢ each Food City, 25¢ each El Super, 50¢ each Safeway
Cucumbers Hot House 99¢ each Bashas
Eggplant 99¢ each Bashas
Grapes Green $2.99 pound Albertson’s
Grapes Red $2.99 pound Albertson’s
Jícama 33¢ pound El Super
Kale 99¢ each Albertson’s
Kale Organic $1.99 each Albertson’s
Lettuce Red or Green Leaf Organic $1.99 each Albertson’s
Lettuce Romaine Organic $1.99 each Albertson’s
Limes 99¢ pound El Super
Mangos 88¢ each Bashas, 50¢ El Super
Melons Cantaloupe Jumbo $2.50 each Albertson’s
Melons Watermelon 20¢ pound Food City
Melons Watermelon Large $5.99 each Safeway
Melons Watermelon Mini Organic $3.69 Each Natural Grocers
Melons Watermelons $1.98 ea Sprouts
Melons Watermelons Mini 88¢ each Bashas
Onion White 33¢ pound El Super
Onions Brown 33¢ pound Food City
Onions Green 50¢ each Safeway
Oranges 50¢ pound El Super
Oranges Navel 99¢ pound Bashas
Oranges Tangerines Gold Nugget 98¢ pound Sprouts
Papaya Maradol 50¢ pound El Super
Pears Fetel Organic $1.29 Pound Natural Grocers
Peppers Bell Green 33¢ each Food City
Peppers Bell Green Organic $1.50 each Safeway
Peppers Bell Orange 99¢ each Bashas, 33¢ each Food City
Peppers Bell Orange Organic $1.50 each Safeway
Peppers Bell Red 99¢ each Bashas, 33¢ each Food City
Peppers Bell Red Organic $1.50 each Safeway
Peppers Bell Yellow 99¢ each Bashas, 33¢ each Food City
Peppers Bell Yellow Organic $1.50 each Safeway
Peppers Jalapeño 99¢ pound Albertson’s
Peppers Mini Sweet Organic $1.99 Pint Natural Grocers
Peppers Snacking O Organics $3.99 pound Albertson’s
Pineapples $2.50 each Safeway
Pineapples 50¢ pound El Super
Plantain 50¢ pound El Super
Plums Red $1.29 pound El Super
Potato Russet 10 pound Bag 2 for $3 Sat Sun only El Super
Potatoes 69¢ pound Bashas
Potatoes Russet Large 88¢ pound Safeway
Raspberries $3 Safeway
Squash Grey 99¢ pound Bashas
Squash Italian 99¢ pound Bashas, 49¢ Food City, 50¢ El Super, 99¢ Albertson’s
Squash Italian Organic $1.99 pound Safeway
Squash Yellow 99¢ pound Bashas, 99¢ Albertson’s
Squash Yellow Organic $1.99 pound Safeway
Strawberries 77¢ each Albertson’s
Strawberries Organic $3.99 each Albertson’s
Tomatillo 50¢ pound El Super
Tomatillos 1 pound Bag $1.50 El Super
Tomato Roma 49¢ pound El Super
Tomatoes Cherub Nature Sweet $1.99 each Bashas, $3 Albertson’s
Tomatoes Grape pint Organic $1.99 each Bashas
Tomatoes on the Vine 77¢ pound Safeway, 88¢ Bashas
Tomatoes on the Vine Organic 98¢ pound Sprouts
Tomatoes Roma 99¢ pound Albertson’s, 33¢ pound Fri Sat Sun only Food City
Tomatoes Roma Organic $1.49 pound Albertson’s