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The EMVIA Information Collection

This site is divided into broad sections:

Mentoring discusses getting help from people who have gone through this sort of thing before.

Literacy is about staying connected to society all about us when the visual printed word becomes alien to us.

Gadgets is chock full of gizmos and do-dads that have been created or adjusted to help us do things in the sight-diminished world. These are all items that are on sale, somewhere, by someone.

Mobility is a section concerned with our continuing to get around and to not sit at home.

Resources appear everywhere here but in this section we try to gather them all up and make some orderly sense of them all.

Recreation is dedicated to the idea of just having some fun.

Calendars from us and over a dozen other places show what's happening in the visual impairment world.

This is now - and will always be - an ongoing project. We're always searching for new and updated information so check back regularly. Follow us on: Facebook, Twitter, and on Mitzi's Blog

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